Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wood Desk Remodel {Chapter One-A Tale of Two Desks}

 Lately I've been posting on Facebook about how I've been a painting machine.  I finally stopped inhaling paint fumes long enough to blog about a couple of projects I've completed. Yay me.

It's a continuing story, about two desks that found their way into my garage, and then (eventually) into our hearts (and more importantly our home)...

 My dilemma?  Do I blog about the desk I found first but refinished last?  Or the desk I rescued last but finished first?  Today, I will share about the latter...

Hello Handsome! 

Truth be told, he wasn't too shabby when I picked him up from the side of the street.  

See?  It's very sturdy and well made, but I thought it could use some paint...  I chose to use the leftover paint from the accent wall in Son Two's room, a dark chocolate brown.  

Great, now I'm hungry.

I'm digging the flip top on this desk.  I painted the inside with the same color of his other walls. 

These deep shelves on the sides are the best!   I went through my vast collection of scrapbook papers, and found four different ones that were in the same color scheme.  

I trimmed them to fit, applied some Mod Podge, and used my handy brayer to make sure they stuck to the back walls.

 On a side note, the chair was also a curbside save.  I spray painted it with a camp green color that I had from another project.  I think it works quite well with the brown, don't you?

That concludes chapter one of my tale.  Stay tuned for part two, won't you?


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  1. I need to move to your neighborhood! Great finish!

  2. That is one cool desk!! And I love the refinish. I blogged about a couple of antique school desks we have, but I haven't done anything to refinish them yet. I love old little school desks, and this one is really unique.


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