Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why Cleaning My House is Dangerous {Mixed Media Mail Center}

I revealed to the world (on Facebook) how dang lazy I was a couple of days ago.  Apparently, I was really just recharging in order to do some major house cleaning yesterday.

Quick! Come by and see it...oh, sorry, too late.

I have this cool pub-like mirror in my entrance way, and any mail that needs to go out lands there.  I knew The Graphics Fairy had wonderful postage images...

 This was a complete stash busting project, which always makes me happy.

I had all of these wood pieces kicking around...

I printed some old letters and stamps onto card stock.  I only painted the largest piece of wood.  I Mod Podged my choices onto all of the blocks...

Before I glued the smaller pieces onto the larger one, I sanded the sides down so they would be really smooth.

So now the bills look fabulous before they hit the mailbox. Fabulous!

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  1. So is it like a bill holder or did you decorate each bill? I love it!

  2. It is more of a "sign" to prop up the mail before it goes out...


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