Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Ring Holder--Thanks Graphics Fairy!

  But first, an update.  Yesterday's show was slow, and to put it honestly a bit disappointing.  I can usually look at the bright side of these situations.  You know, find a redeeming quality about the event, and call it a learning experience.  Which, by the way, it still was.  

I just don't like the feeling that perhaps I wasted my day, or that my time was better spent doing laundry.

The good side?  I met a couple of coordinators from upcoming shows, that were very complimentary about my work.  That feedback is always helpful and worthwhile.

 Also, I had my very cute assistant Dolly there to help me remember to giggle and have a good time.  My crafty friend from Crazy Baby's Closet was also my neighbor at the show, and that is always fun.

 This one is a bit different from the one I made here

I printed this great pocket watch image from The Graphics Fairy.  After trimming around it, I Mod Podged it to the tasting spoon.  I gave it a few coats to make sure that the resin wouldn't discolor the paper. 
I had recently shortened a chain on a customer's order, and kept the spare links.  I knew that I wanted to make this ring holder somewhat three dimensional and "mixed media,"  so they came in handy.

I poured the resin over the image after the Mod Podge completely dried, and carefully placed the links into it.  When I was happy with where it was, I made sure there were no bubbles and let it cure.

I have to say...this is my new favorite! Thanks for reading...

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  1. K I'm a little nervous because I downloaded that image today! SO your ring holders!

  2. SO cute. Love how the chain gives it that 3 dimensional effect!

  3. I love this project! The bits of chain gave it THE perfect finish! Definitely pinning this one! :)


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