Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making Stuff Excellent with The Graphics Fairy

Hi. I'm Christine. And I may or may not have a problem (depending on how you look at it).  I hoard
 collect glass jars.  When I stroll through craft stores and see organizers for sale,  I walk right on by.

Why? Because there is a perfectly good pile of glass jars in my garage just waiting to be filled. 

 And yes, I need all of those brushes, thank you.  I've been pretty good about keeping them in this one jar for a while, so I thought I'd print up this image of brushes from The Graphics Fairy.

Before. Blah.

I printed it out and cropped it...

Inked the edges--much better.  Mod Podged the picture onto the jar...

Clearly, this is where the brushes belong.

It's like a little recycled Graphics Fairy community in my studio.


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  1. Oh I know about those glass jars! I love pickles, fortunately, since the huge gallon jars are just wonderful.

    I love this.."It's like a little recycled Graphics Fairy community in my studio. "

  2. So cute Christine! I'm glad you liked your feature!

  3. Paint brushes standing at attention - at the ready for your next clever project. Please keep the concept of recycling so chic, so cheerful and so cheap. I appreciate what you are doing. Virginia

  4. Wow...I've been doing this for years. It could be because my day had hundreds in his work buildings with all kinds of stuff. I like the addition of the labels. Very cute.


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