Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines for My "Other" Kiddos

  Who else loves a good old fashioned last minute project? Besides me? One of my "jobs" takes place in a preschool.  I work with three, four, and five year old kiddies.

For our three year old class, I thought I'd make some fun valentines with the help of The Graphics Fairy.

 Both of these images are from Karen's site.  I downloaded the toy car image a long time ago, and I'm so happy to be able to finally use it!  I found the "I "wheelie" like you" phrase from the blog Thirty Handmade Days, and it really is perfect!

 I created a printable, including the image and printed four to a sheet.  I cut them out with decorative scissors.

 These fun size candies are just taped to the back of the cards. Cute, simple, inexpensive,'s all good!

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  1. Oh these are perfect. I'm sure they will be so excited to receive these. And of course chocolate...always!

  2. SO cute!! The kids are going to "wheelie" love them ;)

  3. ADORABLE!!!!!!! They even LOOK Vintage!!!!!!!!! :) SUPER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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