Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scary Dinosaur Sign {Silk Screen and Paint}

This poor boy has waited long enough.  I told him I'd make him a sign for the door of his room...a while ago.  

Worth the wait? Prince Two seems to think so. 
  And now, a confession.  This began as a scrap that I was experimenting on, and I was later inspired to turn it into something more.

Mr. T-Rex may look familiar to you. I made a silk screen and a subsequent sweatshirt with him in this post.
I was playing mad scientist one night, and wanted to see how it would work on a piece of wood.  Turns out, it came out pretty well, and that was that.

I came across this plank again and realized how excellent it would be to make it into a functional sign. Light bulb please.

After my phrase was approved by the "committee", I cut the letters from black vinyl on my Silhouette (Rocco).  It looks nice here, but it was too clean, and T-Rex needed some...menace.  I tried some Martha Stewart Antique Effect medium mixed with some dark green paint.

It's actually a great product. It kept the paint wet and workable for a while, so I could increase the creepy factor for Mr. Rex.
I mixed a touch of black paint with the same medium and rubbed it all over the rest of the board.

Terribly fitting for what waits beyond the door...

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  1. I'll bet someone is veeerrrrry happy with this.
    Love it.

  2. Well that should definitely keep people out! Turned out great.


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