Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is That a T-Rex on Your Sweatshirt? {Silk Screen}

  Waaaay back in high school, I worked at a summer camp with three and four year old kiddies.  I remember especially, a cute little boy who loved everything dinosaur.  He could say paleontologist and stegosaurus perfectly, and quite seriously,  thank-you-very-much.  I don't think he appreciated how cute we found him.

  I also recall hoping that one day I would have a kid who loved dinosaurs as much as this boy.  As luck would have it, I ended up with two boys who love these creatures. Cool, right?

Check this out...

I found two plain sweatshirts while shopping after the holidays.  They were ridiculously marked down, and I knew I could make them cool for my boyos.  This is how I jazzed up the first one.

I found this T-Rex image and printed it onto printer paper.  I knew I wanted to create a silk screen, so I sharpened the edges of the image with a black sharpie marker.

I used my Plaid Simply Screen light box to make this, check out my first silk screen project and tutorial. 

After the image was cured in the kit's light box, I centered and taped it onto the sweatshirt.  For my color, I mixed black, white and a color called tin foil together to get this metallic gray.
Before I used my flat squeegee that came with the kit to spread out the paint, I put an old cereal box (flattened out) underneath the front to keep paint from bleeding through.

 I like it! So does Prince Two, which is important.  Dinosaur week is coming up soon at school...I might have to make up a t-shirt to wear...

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  1. These turned out so great! I have not done any silk screening projects yet but I know who to come to for guidance!


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