Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perhaps an intervention is in order? {Ombre Flower Mug}

Just in case you thought that the old girl was joking around about being obsessed, I have another ombre project.

This was so much fun!  I used paints from Martha Stewart's new line, along with her new adhesive stencils.  They are specially designed to be used on curved surfaces.  You can use them over and over after they are gently washed.

I chose my colors and used a little sponge to apply the color to the stencil.  Then, I would carefully peel the stencil up and put it down in another spot.  When I was finished with a color, I would wash it with water, and move on to the next shade. I let mine dry for a few hours, and then follow the instructions for baking.

Will there be a day that I'm over ombre?  It could be a while.  Bear with me, okay? Okay!

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  1. That's cute!! Love that stamp.

  2. No. No intervention needed. Don't stop! This is so so so so so so so so awesome!

  3. Dont stop! Love this! So going to have to make a coffee cup like this!

  4. I agree, don't stop!! Love all your ombre stuff...maybe you should do a weekly series :D Oh

  5. That came out so pretty and would make a great gift. I am looking for inexpensive ways to make Christmas gifts and this would be perfect. I am a new follower from Think Pink Sunday. Vicky from


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