Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muslin and Fiber Flowers {A Tutorial}

Today, I went into my craft room with the intention of making some earrings.  Ahem. As you can see by my title, that didn't happen.  I got waylaid by some muslin and fiber.

I'm pleased with my "alternative" project, so here she is!

These are pretty small, only one and half inches around.  

This is the distraction stuff I started out with.  A small circle of felt, muslin cut into narrow strips and pretty fiber.  My glue of choice was Fabri-Tac.

I tied the ends of my muslin and fiber together and glued them in the middle of my circle. 

Twist away! It doesn't have to perfect...which is perfect for me.

Twist and glue the fabric and fiber until the felt is covered.  Flip your flower over and glue down the ends underneath.

I love the fiber peeking through.  What do you think? 
Know what I think? I think I should go make some earrings...

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  1. I love these as just muslin but the fiber really adds great texture and depth. I guess we really all do need more fiber!

  2. Oooh! I love this, Christine! Thanks for the great tutorial, I can't wait to give it a try. I think it would be gorgeous to have a cluster of these pinned to a lapel!

  3. I LOVE the fiber peeking through. It absolutely adds a lovely touch. I'm all about texture in my projects and this definitely has that "wow" pop.


  4. Fabric, pretty. I just got a box of alpaca fibers at goodwill unopened all kinds of gorgeous colors for $2.25! I should send it to you!


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