Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Gilded Pumpkin in silver

Finally, I am starting to pull out some fall decorations for our house.  I have mentioned before, that Halloween is not my favorite of the holiday celebrations.  Ironically, I love Autumn very much, so I try to incorporate at least a little bit here and there.

I happened upon this typical Halloween orange candle holder in my decorations.  It had a small chip in the top, but I still kept it.  It sat on my mess of a craft table for a couple of weeks.  Recently, I had the chance to try out some silver liquid gilding from Martha Stewart's new paint line. I knew exactly what to do. 
I was so jazzed, guess what I didn't do?  That's before picture.

I love the outcome, don't you? He is actually much creepier in silver--which is good, right?  The coverage of this liquid gilding is fantastic.  I strongly suggest opening a window before painting with it, because there is a strong vapor.  As long as you have ventilation, it's fine.

Also, you need xylene to clean things up.  I jumped into my project before I got some, so I had to throw two brushes away.  They were pretty old, so it didn't matter.  The second brush that I used for the second coat, was very coarse.  I like how textured the paint became because of the bristles. I love an unexpected yet excellent result.

Here he is, near one of my favorite mirrors.   His update has made him a better match for my decor...I'm still deciding where he will live for the season!


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  1. I love this transformation! I picked up the gold and copper glitter paints from Martha's line last night. I am really liking the coverage and opacity of her paints!

  2. I love this! Do you remember where you found the pumpkin originally? I love the face.


  3. The Martha Stewart gilding stuff is great isn't it? I have a brass colored one and a gold one. I think I need to come up with a Christmas project to use them.

  4. Your pumpkin looks so wonderful in silver! It's definitely an eerily elegant look, and one that I love!

    Christine, you always have something top-notch to share at Rook No. 17. Thank you!


  5. Excellent! I imagine he was orange before? He looks great in silver. :)


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