Sunday, September 25, 2011

Typography Bangle

Do you want to hear a story?
A couple of weeks ago, a company called DIY Bangles contacted me after seeing my Dictionary Page Wreath.

They really liked it, and asked me if they could send me some wreath forms, and wooden bangles to play around with.  After thinking about it for a full two seconds, I replied yes. (I think it was more of a hell YES, now that I consider it).

I received my generous package (thanks again!), and have been playing ever since.  I couldn't resist the bangles, so this is the project I am bringing you today.

Karen, The Graphics Fairy (hi Karen!), posted this wonderful alphabet, and simply put...
I wanted to wear it. 

This is how the bangles arrived, smooth and ready to decorate. I painted it with Martha Stewart's new paint in Summer Linen (satin). I printed out the lower case alphabet...

And turned it over and rubbed pencil over the back.

I taped it securely to the bracelet, and traced over the letters with a very sharp pencil. I shifted the paper and did it again so the bangle was covered. 
After removing the paper, I went over the letters with an extra fine artist pen in black.

I carefully erased any pencil marks, and gave the whole bangle a coat of Fine Crackle medium (from the Martha Stewart paint line).  The effect is very subtle, especially over the linen color.  When everything was completely dry, I sprayed it with a clear acrylic sealer.

This alphabet is so pretty with its swirls, I love it against the linen color. Monday is already better with this new piece of jewelry!

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  1. Love it!
    just wondering why there are 2 d's and 2 f's?


  2. Thanks Joni and Fee! Fee, this was the way the typography was written on the image on Karen's site. I'm guessing they gave a couple of choices for those particular letters! I thought it was cool so I left it like that...

  3. You are incredibly talented! Think I heard the "hell YES" scream down here. Love the description you give of all the steps you take!

  4. How fun is that!.. I also have that file waiting for a project.. love what you did with it!


  5. So totally awesome and how cool that they reached out to you!!!!

  6. Instead of copying the alphabet couldn't you cut the copy and use a matte medium or gloss medium and apply it to the bangle? It would be quicker and you could use colored paper to print off the type.
    Laura P.

  7. This bangle is interesting. I love the simplicity of the typography design. It's simple but attractive.

  8. What an artful bangle and beautifully done transfer, Christine! Your blog is a place that I know I can always come to learn and be inspired! Thank you!



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