Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mixed Media Key Sign

When I'm not in my craft room, or blogging, or driving kids to and from Cross Country, I'm usually at a wonderful preschool.  It is a special place where it is (and should be) all about the kids.

  I thought it would be special to have a small, somewhat adult piece of art in the room.  It's a good idea to keep those teachers happy, right? Right!

 This little sign will hang above our designated key hook in the room. I love this image from The Graphics Fairy. This whole project was made from stuff in my stash.

I trimmed some brown paper and rounded the corners. I used this mesh-y background stamp and StazOn Ink in Timber Brown. I used the same ink around the edges of my print out.

See that little tear up there?  I did that with my trimmer--totally my fault.  I made the executive decision to leave it because I thought it added to the vintage look. 

After Mod Podging the image to the brown paper, it curled up.  That wasn't supposed to happen, and I realized it needed some more weight behind it.  I trimmed a cereal box and Mod Podged it to the paper.  Problem solved.

It was calling out for some dimension. I added the cute little heart and antique key, along with some skinny washi tape.  I think it will perfect in it's new home!

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  1. Love it! And would have never notice the "oops" if you hadn't said anything. But I agree...totally adds to the vintage feel. Great project!

  2. What a great idea...and it is so lovely! I am sure a few kids will appreciate it too!

  3. What a neat and perfect project for the class room.
    As for your oops I thought you did that on purpose to go with the vintage feel, perfect :)

  4. I love keys, and your new artwork is perfection! I also love how you used the cereal box as backing, you are so good at repurposing!


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