Sunday, September 4, 2011

Autumn Card with Flower Soft and The Graphics Fairy

It's September fourth.  Do you know what that means?  That's right! It's time to break out the Autumn color Flower Soft and make some stuff.

That is what you were thinking....right?

This is a very recently posted image over at The Graphics Fairy. 
Karen very kindly altered this in a couple of different colors for her readers.  For this card, I stuck with the black image.

I have had this scrapbook paper in my stash for years and years. It is totally smooth, but looks very textured.  I rounded the corners and cut out my watering can.  

I attempted to get very close up to show you the pail.  I dry brushed some pearlized paint onto the can to make it appear more "galvanized."  I took my tacky glue and dotted it all over the branches and below the can, before sprinkling Flower Soft over it.  

After lightly pressing the FS down, I shook off the excess and put it back into the container.  This stuff lasts a long time!

 It wouldn't be a card from me without an added detail on the back.  I used a leaf stamp, stamped three of them in black, and painted them with a mix of orange, brown, and pearlized paint. 

This is absolutely an all/any occasion card for the fall season.  I may even make a few more, and create a set for a gift.  Sounds like a plan, yes?




  1. what a beautiful card, just in time for a new season :)

  2. Oh, I really love this card and the details on the back. You should definitely make a set of these- so cute!

  3. Wow love this card, and the the idea is awesome

  4. LOVE this! I know that if I ever miss a graphic you'll have it, and the way you have the branch coming out of the watering can is genius! Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House!

  5. totally LOVE this card! The texture of the FS stuff is awesome! thank you for linking up to WWWW!


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