Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How I painted my metal door and hardware

I see a green door and I want it painted black. 

Ah summer.  Time to get out that to-do list, and get to work.  I have had this project on my list for over six months, and I can proudly cross it off.  And share it with you!

This is one of the after pictures.  Let's check out some before shots, shall we?


More brass.  

Time for a change.  I bought some Rust-oleum Universal Metallic in Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

I have to mention my friend Beckie, from Infarrantly Creative.  She spray painted some door knobs in her home and gave us her great tutorial here.  

I did a couple of things differently for mine...I left my hardware on my door while I painted it because I knew I was painting the door black afterwards. Also, we do not use this door to enter and exit, so I knew it would have time to cure, without hands and keys all over it.

I sanded the entire handle to take the shine off, so the paint would have a good surface to stick to.

And now for the weirdest, but cleverest way I have ever used one of these little round bandages...
It was perfect for the peephole!  See how roughed up the brass finish is? Yeah I know...I'm so mean!

For the door itself, I used Valspar latex enamel (interior/exterior) in black. After sanding and cleaning the door, and three coats of paint later, I was finished!

No more brass!

Who is it?

So, what do you think? 

You know what I think...  I think it needs a cool wreath now...

Stay tuned.

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  1. Your door and "new" hardware look great, Christine! Gotta love oil rubbed bronze! Now I need to eradicate the brass at our house, haha!

  2. Looks awesome!! Can't wait to see the new wreath!

  3. No way! I have a green door and that exact lock/handle in brass. Thanks so much for the inspiration -- I'm painting mine now, too!

  4. Very cool! I have been looking at my door hardware lately with an urge to do something...debating how much I want to hear about it from Mr. you know who. This turned out great!

  5. Well, I'll just be danged! How cool. I'm looking around now at all the old door hardware in this 1920-something house. I thought I'd have to remove the hardware, which scares me since I don't even know if I can unscrew the stuff. I'm very intrigued now, Christine. Thanks!

  6. totally amazing. Wanna come over and do mine? I'm on a black door kick myself. Great tips - thanks for sharing and linking to WWWW! I'm featuring you!


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