Sunday, August 28, 2011

Castle Card...Fit For a Queen

One of the things I did this summer, was work at the camp at my school.  Each week had it's own special theme, complete with activities and coordinating snacks.
Every detail was thought through, including how the classroom would look.  One of my friends scoured the neighborhood appliance stores for empty refrigerator boxes. Their purpose? To become appropriate structures for camp. 

For space camp, she constructed a rocket ship.  For science camp, they became an entrance to our "laboratory."

For pirate and princess camp, she made a castle.  It was wonderful!

I just had to make her a birthday card that was fit for a queen...

I don't know how Karen does it, but she never fails to bring us the most beautiful images.  I knew that I wanted the castle to have a magical and misty quality about it.

I printed it onto vellum paper and sprinkled glittery embossing powder over it, and set it with my heat gun.  Before it went onto the purple card, I backed it with white card stock.

So, I did things a little backwards here.  I decided that I wanted to use washi tape, and that it had to go under the white card stock {hand smacking head}.  Luckily, the edges weren't stuck down...whew!

The "star" of this card is the castle, so I added just a little purple fiber for some texture. The back is so appropriate...

This crown is also from The Graphics's very majestic! 



  1. What a gorgeous card, Christine! Your friend will love it! I didn't know that you could print on velum paper. Does it ever smear? Love all of your special touches, and the crown is the icing on the cake:)

  2. Oh I love this Christine!! So elegant! Your friend will cherish it!
    Packaging boxes can be so much fun! My sister and I made a mailbox out of one of those wardrobe moving boxes when we were kids and had a blast. I also remember using them as a make shift slip n slide LOL!

  3. What a lovely setting for the castle! This is definitely getting 'like' on Karen's site.

  4. I found you on "A Little Birdie Told Me".

    What a CUTE card! That will be a card she will save forever!

  5. This is so gorgeous and would make anyone feel royal! Printing it on vellum paper makes it that much more beautiful!

  6. Christine, the card is absolutely lovely! I also loved reading about the way your friend transformed the large appliance boxes into something creative, imaginative and magical for the kids at your school!


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