Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Time Rush is right! {Freezer Paper Stencil T-shirt}

The following is a reenactment of a recent series of events.

1. Tweet from a friend of mine--our daughters are also friends. 
"Please have Dolly call K." 
2. I text Dolly and pass along the message. 
3. Moments later I receive an excited phone call that she has been invited to a Big Time Rush concert (her first). Nice!
Okay, so what do you need for a concert?  Extra money (hi Mommo), cell phone (yup), camera (duh)...all those things and....a concert T-shirt!  


 That. Is.Custom.

It is at this time, that I'd like to say thank you to my husband for stopping at the craft store for t-shirts (thanks!).  And of course, Rocco helped me out here too.

I created my design on my Silhouette, and cut it out on freezer paper.  Remember to save the innards of your letters and numbers ( in my case the B, R, 8, and 0). (Like my use of innards there?)

Carefully iron onto your shirt of choice.  I cut up a couple of cereal boxes to slide inside the t-shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through.

After painting a mixture of one part acrylic paint and two parts textile medium (check your label for instructions), I dried it with my blow dryer so I could remove the freezer paper.

I love being a hero.


  1. Way cooler than paying for overpriced concert tee shirts!

  2. This is the kind of things that your children will remember!

    You rock!

  3. My daughter would LOVE this! I really need to get a fancy cutting machine

  4. Love your use of innards ;) Awesome t-shirt! And definitely, she'll remember forever!

  5. What an awesome concert tee! Maybe you can add to your busy life and be a roadie/tee maker for Big Time Rush. What a bunch of cuties! I hope that your daughter had a fantastic time... I bet everyone wondered where they could buy her shirt!!! jules

  6. kids LOVE Big Time Rush! Me too!

  7. I think this makes you an official "Rock Star"!

  8. Good job Mom!!And it look awesome! Have a wonderful Sunday! Angie xo

  9. Aww, what an awesome Mom you are! I have to try freezer paper stencils one of these days - after I get a Silhouette, lol!


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