Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do you spell it blogeversary or blogoversary?

I'm perplexed.  Whichever it is, my little slice of the blogosphere is turning one this Thursday.  Since I have never blogged before this year, or celebrated a one year anniversary for a blog before, I am making it up as I go along.  Join me, won't you? Thanks...

I love blogging.

About a year ago,  I thought I would give it a shot.  I figured I could always abandon it, and move on with my life if I didn't like it.  I was surprised at how much I liked it.  Very surprised.

I love everything about it too.

I love being able to create a new blog button, or blog header if I want a different look.

I love taking photos for my blog, and seeing how much I've improved over the past year.

I love sharing my passion for creativity and crafts with people. 

I love when readers leave comments that say "I've never heard of "blank" before, where do you find that?"

I love that my family is so dang supportive about this important part of my life.

I love the friends I have made through blogging.

This is the most surprising and rewarding part of my experience.  I was unaware of the true connections that could be fostered in this community.  I have seen it said that "blogging friends are real friends."  That is so true.

How can this be? We don't "see" each other, except for perhaps a tiny little thumbnail picture, or any photos posted on our blogs. Or unless we attend a blogging conference (which is a huge goal for me in this second year).  But as we continue to "read" each other, we do end up "seeing" each other. And liking what we "see."  A lot.

I've seen feelings get hurt...which served to remind me that we are only human behind those thumbnails.

Most importantly, I've seen giving back, positive reinforcement, and sharing of ideas.   I have learned so much, and I know I haven't even made a dent in the information that is out there.

But it's only my first year...

Thanks friends as always,  for coming to visit.  Your comments mean the world to me, and more than anything I love YOUR company!



  1. Congrats, Christine! To add to the confusion, how about "blogaversary"?!
    You and I started blogging about the same time (darn, I totally missed my blogaversary, what with the cross country move and all!), and I remember that you were one of my earliest followers:) I so agree, it is amazing the connections that we can form here in blogland! There are so many kindred spirits out there, and so many talented ladies! You of course are one of them:)

  2. Happy whatever-a-versary!! So glad we are friends! I agree with everything you said. I too have been surprised by how much I love it and I love the designing buttons etc just as much as sharing a craft. And it is amazing how without actually meeting I have made some really awesome friends that I know I will have for life. Thanks for being my friend :-)

  3. I am pretty sure it is bloggaversary!!

    I have an award for you!!


    Denise in WA

  4. Congrats! You're awesome, and I totally know how you feel about loving the connections you end up making with other people.
    Well done!

  5. Congrats my friend! It's no wonder we get along so well because my blog turned 1 today. I guess I didn't realize we started at the same time but it makes sense doesn't it? And just to be even more confusin, I spelled it blogiversary!

  6. Whoohooo..Congrats on your 1 year "blogiversary"?? Time flies when you're having fun and you've got a lot of awesome things that you've shared along the way...looking forward to seeing more! Congrats Again!

  7. Happy Blogiversary!! The correct spelling eludes me too. :) Thanks for Stumbling my post Christine. I hope you like the scrub. :)


  8. Happy blogiversary!! I think of "blogiversary/blogaversary" like I do "color/colour", I think it's all a matter of preference and birth origins. I'm pretending my way is the Canadian way of spelling it, even though I am definitely not Canadian.

  9. I thought it was blogoversary but wasn't sure so came her to find out. I see others aren't sure either. LOL!


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