Friday, April 8, 2011

Stamp pad inked muslin

They aren't just for inking stamps!  I tried this out a couple of weeks ago, and loved the outcome.  Here is a sample of some fabric that is drying...

It looks like tie dye, man.  This is so easy, I could make these all day long. 

Here's my white muslin that I place on top on wax paper.

These small square ink pads are the best for this project.  You just turn it over and stamp wherever you want that color.

I think this one is done.

My mini mister comes in handy here.  My kids think that their spritz distance potential is impressive!  Plain old water does the trick.

I hang mine up to dry on my clothesline in my war room.  The mini mister works well because it doesn't make the muslin drippy--which translates to shorter drying time.  Which translates to using the pretty fabric in another way that much faster!  Whew.

Happy Weekend!


  1. So cool! Since I have all but abandoned my stamps lately, I can do something fun with my inkpads! Can't wait to see what you're going to make w/ the fabric :)


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