Friday, March 11, 2011

Somebody stop me!

I am in absolute procrastination mode right now!  While I started packing up for an all day scrap booking event tomorrow, (at which I will be doing anything crafty but scrap booking), Print Master lured me over to the computer.  Hey, it could happen.

A few months ago, I made this sign...By. Hand.

I thought I would try my hand at a printable for my wonderful friends in blog-land...

Hee hee...I kinda love it...what do you think?  Okay, okay, I'm going back to packing...

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  1. Ha ha ha that's awesome! I am married to a total SW geek, so I appreciate any SW humour... I'm the woman who has a millineum falcon on display in the bedroom, lol! Well done!

  2. You know I can't resist this...welcome to the dark side! Seriously, you have been bitten by the printable bug now and there's no cure!

  3. That's pretty darn cool! Great share! THANKS!

  4. AAAHHHH this made my day! I am a FREAK for anything Star Wars, I was homeschooled so SW is one of the few cultural references of my generation that I actually GET.

  5. I saw this and I burst out laughing!! This is so perfect for our family! We are H-U-G-E Star Wars fans with four kids who are equally obsessed. One of our kidds has some sensory issues, and often eats with his fingers. This is going to go into our kitchen, for sure! Thanks so much!!

  6. My husband thought this was so funny. He just loves Star Wars- thanks for the laugh. I am a new follower from the Monday Blog Hop- and I would appreciate if you followed me too.


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