Wednesday, January 12, 2011

That's a wrap

Don't you love those deals, when you spend a certain amount of money on "X" and you get a free "Y?"  Me too, usually.  I "earned" these two candle holders recently.

Let me start by saying, I have nothing against these!  I love that they vary in size, and I love their shapes.  They are simply too....glassy for me.

What do I do?  I put candles in them and walked away, waiting to be inspired. And inspired I was, by a twine wrapped pear by Ballard.  These are the things I used...

Could anyone please explain why I feel like I'm cheating on Mod Podge by showing this photo?

At first, I thought I would wrap the whole thing. Then my husband asked me "are you going to wrap the whole thing?"  I realized that might be a bit much (for the candle holder and me).

What do you think?  Much, much improved, in my opinion.  I actually love the candle holder now.

I won't lie folks...this was a messy project.  My little doggie was not happy because obviously he couldn't sit in my lap as per usual.  And I'm pretty sure a couple of my keyboard keys are sticking a bit.  I would do it again in a heartbeat, it was worth it!

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  1. these look fantastic! i like the before but the after is so much more custom! =)

  2. This is awesome ! I love it ! I also liked them "glassy",too, did a great job !

  3. Oh these are fab-u-lous! You did a great job with these. Love them!

  4. I stocked up on those the moment I saw them offered at Ulta. I kept two sets for myself and I absolutely LOVE them! I love what you did with yours!

  5. I love what you did here! I really like the glass and twine combo. Very unique and attractive. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

  6. I looks great. Very inspired, indeed.

  7. What a great idea. I like the fact that you didn't wrap the entire candle holder. The contrast between the string and the glass is what makes them special. Great job.

  8. Fabulous update! I thought they were great before but they do look much better after! Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party! :)

  9. Love these!

  10. Great idea! Thanks for joining Get your craft on Thursday at Life As Lori!

    I'm having a Valentine Party that will be up until 2-14-11. I would love for you to join me!

  11. I really like this too - great makeover and way to turn something fairly everyday into something unique and centerpiece-worthy! Saw your link on Funky Junk's link party and had to comment!

  12. Stumbled upon your blog via Tatertots & Jello. Simple yet messy, sounds like the perfect project to link up to my new blog bash. :) K.I.S.S.=Keep It Simple Sunday, also have a great giveaway.

  13. Thank you for linking up to the K.I.S.S. blog bash. :)

  14. They are pretty as is...but LOVE what you did to them. I do prefer them with your special touch.

  15. Love the twine, girl! Looks great!


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