Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paint-chip Patchwork

I have a new obsession, are you ready? A while ago I did a tutorial on my Patchwork Pendants.

Recently, I was inspired by Beckie's video tutorial over at Infarrantly Creative on her paint-chip necklaces.  Over the holidays, I treated myself to a new punch--a tiny rectangle.  I have been creating new pendants for my Etsy shop, and had some paint sample chips kicking around.

In this picture, you can see how I punched out all my bitty rectangles.  I stuck them on my Stampbord with Mod Podge in rows.  Obviously, the color possibilities are infinite.

I started this one on an oval wood shape.  It still needs to be trimmed and sanded smooth along the edges.  I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to add a pretty protective shine to the top of these.  I typically apply two coats, leaving time for the first coat to dry.  Which, as you know, is really difficult for me!

This is one of the completed pieces--minus the bail or pin back.  My wonderful customers can have the choice about how they would like to wear it!

A Little Knick Knack

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  1. How cool! I was in Home Depot last night to buy some antiquing glaze and bottles of Martha Stewart paint samples, and thought that there MUST be some neat thing that could be made from all of those pretty samples! Great idea!!

  2. Wow, beautiful@ What a great idea!

  3. I saw your link-up at Tickled Pink and just had to come by. Brilliant project! I'm intrigued by the Stampbord product -- it's new to me. What exactly does it do? I get the feeling it's a new craft medium I must try!


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