Friday, December 10, 2010

It has dawned on me

...that I have a quite few friends whose names start with A!  I did a post on those chipboard, self-adhesive, and all-around fabulous ornaments yesterday. Ready for another?

Ooh!  I wanted so much to take pictures of the process, but my camera is going through batteries like crazy.   That issue will be resolved today, so stay with me, okay?  You rock.

This paper is one of my new favorites.  I cut it to fit the ornament, and peeled off the adhesive backing.  I smoothed it on, and trimmed it with my exacto.  I used Mod Podge on the other side and did the same.  I sanded all of the edges, and then inked them with black marker.

I stamped the A, and I love how it looks like it was always on the paper.  After punching out a couple of Holly leaves in green, I embellished them with red seed beads.

Last-but never glitter! I outlined the ornament in glue and shook it on. For the hanger, I added some paper string.  I think it looks somewhat vintage and new at the same time...


  1. It's gorgeous! Isn't it funny how we go through certain letters more than others? Hence why I have an endless supply of q,z,and x's from alphabet stickers and why don't they every include more vowels? Vanna?

  2. This is very pretty! I need to buy letter in sheets per letter. I never have the right ones.


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