Monday, October 11, 2010

A letter...

Dear Graphics Fairy,

I thought I would write you a quick letter. Yes, it's true that your images are spectacular. No one can deny that. Some would even say they are inspiring.  I know that Christine definitely would agree with that statement. Take for instance this latest card she created.

Sure, the perfume atomizer is stunning, but for the center of the front of the card?  And then she goes and adorns it with all of those precious little pearls?  It's just not fair.  At least the "merci"  stamp made it's way onto the front of the card.  And me?  Sheesh, I was lucky to even make it onto the card at all.  Onto the back of the card that is.

Anyway, I just thought I'd write you.  I can't deny you bring everyone great stuff, and you keep Christine happy so...keep up the great work.

Respectfully yours,

The Shoe Stamp


  1. This is very Elegant Christine!Love it!

  2. That is so darling, Christine! I love the card. You have really worked that image beautifully, and little shoe -- you are just so precious...the perfect fit!

  3. That's adorable! I love the card, the atomizer is just divine and I love the shoe stamp! Did you emboss that shoe?
    Girl, you are too talented.

  4. That is so cute! That little shoe is really special!

  5. loling! Too cute. This is gorgeous. My stamps have been talking to your stamps about how neglected they're feeling, but I've told them to put on their big girl stamp panties and deal!

  6. What a cute post. I love it! The card looks so elegant.


  7. Just came over from Brag Monday - what a lovely post.

  8. Such a cute card with all the little pearls.

  9. I love it! Say hello to your shoe stamp!

  10. What a fun post, Christine! Your card is just charming, and so is that cute little shoe! I would be lost without our Graphics Fairy!! :)

  11. Thank you sweet shoe stamp and Christine too!!! Love the pearls and of course the precious shoe, what a darling card! Your post made me smile today, thank you for linking another one up to Brag Monday. :)


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