Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lend me your ear(s)


 I have to say that this second cold is kicking my butt all over town.  It's that cold with the lingering cough that keeps you from sleeping for more than an hour at a stretch -just when you need to sleep the most? Yup, that one. I'm fine really-just more annoyed by it than anything else.

I still feel like being creative (whew!), so I made this pair of earrings and thought I'd share them.  New jewelry always makes me feel better, how about you?

I used my rounded jewelry pliers, headpins, and these beads.  While I'm a fan of chandelier earrings, I like them on a smaller scale .  I am a bad blogger because I did not take a before picture. Forgive me?

I'm pretty happy with them, considering our crazy dog was vying for my attention the whole time I was working on them. He must have thought I'd forgotten my true purpose on this earth, which  is to play with him...

Silver and black-what a combo! I'm thinking these will get lots of use. Stay healthy everyone...

I've heard great things about these places...

Katie's Nesting Spot


  1. Sorry you're sick. No fun at all unless it gives you an excuse to craft! The earrings turned out great. Our dogs never forget what our true purpose is do they?!

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous!!

    Get better soon! I hate that kind of cough that starts the minute you try to sleep! :)

  3. Hi Christine,
    Hope yo are feeling better very soon! Such cool earrings! And our dog does the same thing to me when I'm trying to create something!!

  4. The earrings are cute! Hope you feel better soon.


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