Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm such a teacher's pet

It's been a while since I did a furniture refurb, and this past weekend I had an opportunity presented to me.  Now, I'm sharing it with you!

My friend who is a teacher at the school I work at, loves this chair.  It's understandable too, because we all sit in the little kid chairs all day, and this one is just big enough that it is comfortable for a grown up.  We started joking about putting her name on it, or decorating it somehow to distinguish it as "her" chair.

Of course, I started brainstorming ideas about what she would like the chair to look like, what colors she likes, etc...  Next thing I know...I have a project.  Which I love by the way!

This is what it looked like when I brought it home.  I lightly sanded the entire chair, and then cleaned it up.  When it was dry, I spray painted it with a matte finish black paint.

Much better already!  I loved that the finish was chalkboard-like.  I knew that I would do letters and numbers all over the parts that were wood.

I used the technique where you print out the font and size letters that you want, rub pencil all over the back, and then use a pencil to draw the pencil outline onto your object.  It works great-just so you know!

Then, I used acrylic paint to paint everything in. 

Things happen for a reason, right?  I went back the next day and touched up some areas on the chair.  I wanted to spray paint an acrylic sealer over the letters and numbers.  But I didn't let the regular paint dry long enough.  The sealer reacted with the paint and bubbled up in some spots.  I'm so impatient!

I didn't panic.  I walked away from it for a while, and decided to distress the wood.  I grabbed my sandpaper and went over the edges, and where the paint reacted.  I wiped it off, and put a coat of hard coat Mod Podge over the painted areas...I love the result!

It has personality now! It was too "new" looking before.  Plus, you know this chair will be sat in, knocked into other chairs, pushed into tables...You get the idea!

Maybe I'll get extra credit if I go here!

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  1. That chair turned out great! I like it's personality much better than the "brand new" look!

  2. Oh it's perfect! And sometimes the results I end up liking the best are "fixes" to other things I started out doing.

  3. What a fun project, Christine! I course I love anything involving spay paint. But I hate it when it bubbles up! Ooooohhh!

  4. That is too cute! I love it!! And see, you turned a potential "fail" into a great and wonderful thing. Love it!! How did your friend react when she saw the chair?

  5. Had to time to poke around on your blog this AM and I am so enjoying it! I love this twist on this old school chair. I have been attracted to these chairs for several years always seeing them in antique markets etc. I have envisioned them several different ways. This is such a cute result.

  6. I will give you extra credit! I love the chair rehab.

    Thank you for joining me for Upcycled Awesome #17 over at www.thetshirtdiaries.com

  7. Very cute chair. I've seen cute school chair refinishes. I've always wanted to do one myself. Now I have even more inspiration.

  8. Oh very cute! Great job!

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday at Life As Lori! Please join me again for another great party!

  9. That's very original and great looking. Like it a lot. Hope you'll stop by and see our upholstery ideas. Jane F.


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