Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey, there's Fred!

The project I am showing you today is not original.

 But it is fabulous.  And it has Fred.  Remember Fred?

My friend Carol over at The Answer is Chocolate (and-isn't it always?), posted about this "Happy Haunting"  banner she found (over at Moselle Design) and made.  I loved the look of it, and printed it off!

I cut the paper with my trimmer, and glued it onto a dusty orange color.  That card stock was then cut with a decorative scissor. I ran a black marker around their edges for dimension. 

The detail on these is really beautiful, in an eerie sort of way .  I punched holes in the corners and used brads to connect them.  At the end pieces, I punches holes and added eyelets for the string. 

I tried hanging it on my stairs, but my staircase is too short for it (I know-I have such problems!).  It ended up in the entrance way to my living room.  It works very well with the room color.

This is my favorite part though!

Fred!  That is one happy dude. 

Fred knows where it's at!


  1. Love it! I just posted about my new banner! Funny...

  2. So cute!! I just found you from the FMBT blog hop, and I know I am going to get a million cute craft ideas from your blog! I can't wait to look around more! Have a great week!

  3. This turned out so great and I love where you have it!

  4. Turned out just as great as Carol's! I love Fred! :)

  5. I love your banner! Looks like a fun project. Sounds like Fred needs some more chocolate :)

  6. Too cute! And I love FRED! This is gorgeous, Christine. I love it!!

  7. this looks great!! I have some halloween art being posted on my blog tomorrow :) I need to print out a banner!

  8. Hey girl - you've got an award, over at my blog. :) Love ya!


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