Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tag...I'm it!

Excellent! My friend Leslie over at the Words of Me Project tagged me to answer the following eight questions.  I have seen these posts around the blog world before, but have yet to be tagged.  I feel like I have finally arrived! Thanks Leslie!

These are the questions she gave we go!

1. What one book has impacted you the most?

 The Stand by Stephen King.  He is my favorite author. While he has that reputation for gore and scariness (and I love him for that), he has an amazing talent for writing about people. By the end of this story, you really feel like you know these people, and you care about them. I don't think that is an easy thing to accomplish.

2. What do you wear most days?

Lately, I have been wearing denim capris and t-shirts.  Soon I'll be playing on the floor with 3 and 4 year-olds, so I probably won't be changing the wardrobe too much, till it gets colder!

3. What is your favorite snack?

I love cheese and crackers, usually accompanied by a glass of wine (at the appropriate time of course!). 

4. You have just won the biggest prize on a game show. What game show is it? Why?

This is tough because I am not a game show fan.  The only game show I ever invested any time in was Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  My reason why would be because I think it's hilarious how much of that show is now embedded in pop culture. Is that your final answer?  Nope, four more...

5. You always look at life with the glass.......? Why?

I try my hardest to look at the glass as half full.  I don't mean to sound sappy, but I feel like a lucky person.  I have a great husband and three pretty terrific kids. I love the people that I work with, and my friends are the best.  Definitely half to three quarters full!

6. Favorite movie. You know the one you can watch over and over and never get tired of?

I know it's supposed to be only one, but I really have two.  The Age of Innocence is one of them...and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is the other. Hmmmm.....

7. What town did you grow up in?

Bellmore,  New York.

8. Do you have a pet? If so what and what is their name?

I have two pets! My dog is Smokey. We named him that because when we brought him home, his puppy fur was a gray smokey color. 

I also have a bird named Cosmo.  Yes, that is for Kramer on Seinfeld.  Yes, we are Seinfeld fans.  He is a lovebird, and he is very sweet and cute.  He loves when people come over and talk to him, and he likes to have his head scratched like a dog.

Now I am supposed to tag six friends and give them eight questions.  The lucky players are:

Beverly from Flamingo Toes

These are your questions ladies, have fun!

1. Who is your favorite actor, and what is the role they played that made them your pick?

2. What is your favorite holiday and why?

3. What is your least favorite holiday and why?

4. Why did you start a blog?

5. What is your go-to comfort food?

6. If you could choose to be any animal, which one would you pick?

7. Do you have a pet (or pets)? If so, what are their names?

8. What is your typical daily wardrobe?

I can't wait to see your answers...Thanks for playing!


  1. Hi!

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    have a nice day!

  2. Great answers!! Thanks for thinking of me! ;)

  3. Hi I'm your new follower you from weds blog hop. You can find me at
    Mr. Monkey

  4. loved getting to know you better!
    good to know I'm not the only Ron Burgundy fan out there!
    Happy Thursday!

  5. Guess what?!?!? My absolute FAVE book EVER is....The STAND!! I can't believe it:) I have both editions, too {i am sure you do, too.} i have read that book almost every year since it came out in the late 80's/early 90's!! I love it for the very same reasons you do! I just bought a new SK book called The Dome. Have you heard of it? Critics are saying it is amazing like The Stand. It's over 1,000 pages, too. I bought it for our DC trip. LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks for playing along. Great answers and great new questions!!



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