Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prince Two is no longer blue

I want to take this opportunity to say "thanks" for following along with me while I update my kids' rooms.  The kind and generous remarks have been very rewarding, and they have kept me focused on my goals.

With that being said, I have the third and final letter for your perusal!  Here is the before:

Not bad, but it doesn't match Prince Two's room anymore... plus I'd like him to have something he can keep for a while.  This letter also got new paint-leftover from the walls.  I didn't mind the polka dots, but they needed a make-over. 

Hello Mod Podge!   I chose coordinating scrapbook paper and found my small circle punch.  Notice how I cut some circles in half, and larger?  I used those to fill in against the edges.  I used Mod Podge to glue them down, and then applied some on the top.

The old paint had dimension to it, and I decided not to fight it.  It gives the brown an embossed look that I am seriously digging.  The brown is the color on Prince Two's accent wall, and the off white covers the rest of the walls. 

 The letters are officially finished, but there is still a lot I'd like to do before school starts.  My break is over!

It's all about the "link."

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  1. Oh wow, Christine, How cute!!! How have you been? Good, I hope!!!
    I have been over-the-top busy with creating an art space...I've been updating the progress on I Owe it All to Him and will have pictures for anyone "brave enough" to see the transformation....lol I'm going from "messed" to "blessed."

  2. I love the "V"! Those dots are too cute. I think it looks really nice.

  3. I love it! The polka dots are my fave!! :)

  4. I love the transformation with the paper and Mod Podge. Gotta love a girl who loves Mod Podge! :) Looks great!!!

  5. Beautiful! Following you from Me and My Bucket!

  6. Looking good, Christine! I, too, am digging that embossed look. :)

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  8. Hi! Just wanted to let you know about another great blog hop! Feel free to add your link!


  9. Loving the transformation! Thanks for sharing at It's Party Time Thursday (on Wednesday..hehehe) at PonyTails&FishScales!

  10. That is way cute! Love your blog by-the-way!

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for participating in this week's WELCOME WEDNESDAY Blog Hop! We hope to see you weekly! We are so happy to be following your blog and can't wait to read more! Thanks for helping spread the word about our great event by grabbing our button!

    Kristin & Jaime
    Take It From Me

  11. Beautiful! Following you from Me and My Bucket!

  12. I love the "V"! Those dots are too cute. I think it looks really nice.


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