Ring Holder With The Graphics Fairy

Another Ring Holder

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Monogram Wreath

My front door is no longer naked

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Bathroom Wall Art with Stencil and Textured Paint

Quick Stencil Art for Half Bath

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Muslin and Fiber Flowers

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Metal Desk Remodel

Desk Redo

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Chalkboard Frame Refurbish

 I love a good chalkboard. Which is funny because my husband does not like chalk.  It's too...chalky.
I have had this chalkboard for at least ten years, and while I love the design, it no longer works for my color scheme.

Let's see the after first. 

It's painted white and distressed and has a pretty french label with dessert on it. Excellent.

Before, it looked like this.

It's cute, but I was in the mood for something less--veggie I guess.  Plus, the olive green background wasn't working with my newly painted gray walls.

This was a fairly simple look to achieve.  I taped some newsprint over the chalkboard , and sanded the old paint down.  I used gesso as a primer, and then white acrylic paint. By the way, I totally cheated and painted only the white in the stripes around the outside edges. Cheater!

 Graphics Fairy how I've missed you! I found my delicious label there, printed it out and decoupaged it to the top of the frame.  After sanding the edges and top for a distressed look, I made a new hole in the wall for my chalkboard. 


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